What is TUNES - A musical journey?

Tunes a Musical Journey Inc. is an incorporated association which is a non-profit organization based out of Melbourne, Australia. It is a global music platform to preserve Indian Music and collaborate with musicians around the world as music is the language that we can use to communicate with all.

The idea of Tunes came to our founder's mind when he saw that there are many Indians around the world and all of them are scattered around various countries. They speak various languages and have a diversified culture but one of the aspects tie them together which is Indian music.

In order to preserve Indian music, he decided to create a platform where music would be the language to speak and there would be no barriers whatsoever. With the advent of technology, it was possible for many of us to sing together while all of us were in different locations. Thanks to the apps Sing Smule and Starmaker, members could sing together but to collaborate and have a social collaboration in order to spread the word of music, He needed a concept of quantifying his idea. So, Tunes was born with few of us based out of Melbourne, Australia and some from Kolkata, India.

Everyday our member strength is growing and they are sharing their songs in a stage where all the members can hear, comment, appreciate and provide feedback to each song posted.

We have frequent online events hosted on our Facebook Group and all of you can participate in those events. We have events which happen in Melbourne and India where our members conglomerate to celebrate music together.

Tunes a musical journey